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White teas tend to only be rolled by hand to ensure the quality of the whole leaf is maintained. Only the most specific buds are picked for this rare tea and only during a two-week period at the start of spring. Once picked, the leaves are spread out on bamboo racks and left to dry for 2-3 days while the temperature and humidity is carefully regulated. 
Coconut Cream Pie

Delicious creamy custard topped with sweet toasty coconut cream. This tea tastes as good as it looks.


Double Happiness Flowering Tea

Lily Fairy Flowering Tea
“Bai He Xian Zi”
Beginning as a ball this tea opens like a flower, with outer petals of delicate green tea and an inner blossom of bright orange lily and jasmine flowers. Watch as the orange lily rises out of the sea of green tea below. A fabulous tea to share in wonder with friends.
Blossoming Lily
“Bai He Xiu Qiu”
Watch as these hand-rolled leaves unfurl before you. The soothing white tea leaves will lift an orange lily to you, an offering of a beautiful flower. Smile, relax and watch it blossom.
Jasmine Pearls – Buddha’s Tears

The delicate fragrance of fresh jasmine blossoms has been infused into this delightful white tea. The downy leaves are then hand-rolled into beautiful dragon pearls which slowly unravel before your eyes as the tea brews. 

Pai Mu Tan

This tea has undergone very little processing which means the leaves are just as nature intended. A smooth and elegantly spicy flavour is encompassed within these rare and delicate leaves.

Violet in the Sun

Everyone's much adored grape flavour is now in tea form. Let this tea transport you to a field of violets and enthral you with its spellbinding hue and flavour.

Winter Velvet

Shake off that winter chill with this warming cup of tea. Rare white tea is infused with radiant rose petals to produce an elixir designed to warm you to the tips of your toes. 

Yin Zhen – Silver Needles

A rare, refined tea that produces an almost clear infusion. This dainty brew features the highest grade young, downy leaves that have been gently rolled into thin needles. Processed entirely by hand this tea is delightfully delicate and is sure to satisfy.


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