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Afternoon Bliss

A soothing blend of China & Ceylon teas with subtle hints of vanilla and a creamy finish, this tea is a delightful palette pleaser. Seductively sweet, yet mild – this tea is perfect to enjoy any afternoon. Delicious with a drop of milk!

Café Latte

Better than coffee, it’s tea! A luscious blend of cocoa, chocolate, creamy milk and coffee beans infused within the humble tea leaf.

Café Tin with label

Ideal for Cafés, these highly visible tins sit well on shelves and are convenient to use. Keep your tea fresh and accessible, in order to provide your customers with that perfect cup.


Take a stroll through an Indian spice market. Starting with a strong base of classic Indian tea, infuse yourself with warm cinnamon, wander past zingy ginger, take a twirl with cardamom pods and giggle along with cheeky cloves. Indulge all your senses with this classic Indian blend.

Chai Vanilla

Dreamy pieces of lush vanilla bean lightly float over the streets of India where cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom and bright calendula blossoms frolic below. A divinely sweet variety of our classic Chai.

China Jasmine

Freshly picked tea still hot from the sun, is layered in between closed jasmine flowers. The flowers open overnight and infuse their heavenly fragrance through the leaves. The result is this sublime, subtle and highly aromatic blend that has quickly become an absolute classic.

Citrus Magic

Stroll through a citrus orchard as you sip this delightful herbal tea. This sweet brew captures all the zesty goodness of oranges, apples and lemons in a cup.

Earl Grey Premium

The grand old Earl himself. Large leaf Ceylon tea is infused with bergamot to produce a vibrant citrus flavour which has delighted royals for generations.

English Breakfast Supreme

A traditional treat. This stimulating blend of Assam and Ceylon teas has a refined flavour with a smooth finish.

Fire Chai

Heat, spice and all things nice! Classic Chai has been given a fiery makeover that’ll blow your mind. Cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and ginger are joined by chilli and peppercorns creating a blend that will have you breathing fire.

French Earl Grey

A divine infusion of earl grey tea with a sumptuous floral infusion of hibiscus flowers, sunflowers and rose petals. A MUST for earl grey lovers.


Glass Teapot

We use these fantastic glass teapots to serve tea at our teahouses. Watch as your tea brews in the glass infuser.

Glass Warmer

There is nothing worse than drinking cold tea. Always have piping hot tea at your fingertips with this glass warmer.

Green with Envy

An enchanting blend of mango, peach & pineapple tossed through both green and black tea and finally sprinkled with marigold, rose, chrysanthemum and sunflower petals. A sweet tea that is brimming with vibrant colour and diverse flavours.

Japanese Lime

This bright, beaming tea has an explosive citrus flavour. Japanese Sencha is infused with lemon and lime peel and sprinkled with pretty daisy blossoms to produce this uplifting citrus inspired tea.

Jasmine Pearls – Buddha’s Tears

The delicate fragrance of fresh jasmine blossoms has been infused into this delightful white tea. The downy leaves are then hand-rolled into beautiful dragon pearls which slowly unravel before your eyes as the tea brews. 

Mango Sencha

A tropical sensation. The flavour of crushed, juicy mango is here combined with real pieces of exotic pineapple to create a tea brimming with bright, summer sunshine.

Mint Slice

A crisp chocolate beginning followed by a thick layer of delicious mint cream and a beautiful smooth coating of dark chocolate… all in a cup of tea.

Monks Pear

Meditate over a cup of this serene tea. Citrusy bergamot and delicate jasmine flowers infused within a cup of Chinese black tea.

Moroccan Mint

Mint tea is not just a drink in Morocco; it is a sign of hospitality, friendship and tradition. A delicious and refreshing blend of fresh peppermint and mellow green tea. Try brewing traditionally by stirring brown sugar through the brewed tea.

Platinum Black

Our signature blend is a carefully crafted combination of five of the highest grade teas from around the world. With a base of single estate first flush Darjeeling this perfect blend is sure to satisfy even the most discerning tea connoisseur. Light in colour with a sweet and full palate, drink black to appreciate this complex premium grade tea.

Prince of Wales

This regal brew is an elegant afternoon delight.  A medium strength tea with sophisticated  classic flavours, this tea is sure to impress.

Rooibos Chocolate Truffle

Be seduced by luscious caramel and smooth chocolate. This tea was made for the sweet tooth and is the perfect guilt-free dessert!

Warning: Rooibos Chocolate Truffle Contains Dairy

Rooibos Raspberry & Vanilla

A tantalising concoction with the sugary high of sweet rooibos, the tangy bite of fresh raspberries and the velvety smooth elixir of vanilla.

Soursop Sencha

Light and bright. This unusual green tea flavoured with Soursop is like summer sunshine in a cup. This quirky tropical fruit has a sweet, slightly tangy flavour that will tantalise your taste buds.

Totally Nuts

Spicy cinnamon, flaked almonds and sweet caramel combine in this delicious tea. Warm and comforting this sweet tea is the perfect tea to curl up with on cold winter’s nights.

Turkish Apple

Go on a journey to the vibrant Turkish Bazaars where this tea is traditionally drunk. This sweet tea dissolves in hot water to leave you with a fresh, crisp brew that can be served both hot and cold.

Turkish Delight

Melt into the world of tantalising Turkish delight. With this blend of chocolate and rose, you may even forget you are drinking tea.

White Peach

Juicy peaches bursting with summer sweetness combined with subtle white & black tea create this sunshine filled stunning tea.


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