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Known by the Chinese as ‘blue-green tea’ Oolong teas undergo a roasting and rolling process known as semi-oxidisation that brings out its flavours. Oolong teas are a specialty of the Fujan and Guang provinces of China, as well as Taiwan.


Iron Goddess ‘Tie Guan Yin’

Known as the pearl of Chinese Oolong Teas, this iron-willed lady definitely has a soft side. Mellow and subdue,  this earthy tea has a mesmerising flavour that will entice new converts to the oolong tradition.

Milky Oolong

A cup of delight. Milky Oolong is everything you're looking for in a cup of tea.  

Oolong Tea

Oolong teas are semi-fermented to bring out the earthy qualities evident in tea leaves. This variety is slightly sweet with a delicate fruity touch and an earthy aroma that will transport you to the tea fields where these leaves matured.


A unique experience for those looking to try a traditional tea. This tea has been fermented to produce the strong, dense and slightly sweet earthy flavours. Traditionally compressed into bricks and kept for years to encourage flavour development, pu-erh is viewed as a delicacy in some regions.

Raspberry Sorbet

Love raspberry? Love sorbet? This sweet, refreshing blend is perfect for you. 


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