> Infusers

Mesh Ball

Fill this infuser with your favourite tea, close the compartment and dunk straight into hot water. The perfect convenient infuser for on the go tea brewing for one.

Round Mesh Tong Infuser

Squeeze the handle of this ingenious little infuser to open the mesh basket. With this infuser you can scoop out your tea and even stir your tea as it infuses. Ideal for making a cup or mug of tea for one.

Stainless Steel Infuser

Sick of tea leaves in your teacup? Really love fine teas like Rooibos? This infuser has all the answers. Super fine cut and made from stainless steel, this infuser will keep even the finest cut tea leaves from getting in your brew. Designed to fit perfectly in our Glass Teapot, the handle can bend to fit around any teapot, making this a versatile infuser.


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