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A unique experience for those looking to try a traditional tea. This tea has been fermented to produce the strong, dense and slightly sweet earthy flavours. Traditionally compressed into bricks and kept for years to encourage flavour development, pu-erh is viewed as a delicacy in some regions.
From the master
The tea we sell has not been pressed and kept for years, but it has been fermented in such a way that it is closer to a true “black tea” rather than the blue-green varieties of oolong and iron goddess (please see the start of the tea bible for information on black/dark teas). It is a completely different flavour sensation for a western palate so make sure you are warning customers what flavours to expect. A “pungent, earthy brew” it can sometimes taste a little of earth. The tea does however have excellent medicinal properties in terms of weight loss, indigestion and cholesterol.
Whole and broken leaf rolled oolong tea.


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