Japan Gyokuro - Organic

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Regarded as THE Japanese tea, Gyokuro is a revered tea. Our rare 1st Flush variety is cultivated in complete shade making the leaves a deep green colour with a true Japanese flavour. High in anti-oxidants, this is an exquisite, quality tea that every connoisseur must try.
From the master

This is one of the highest quality teas in the world. It’s grown in the shade and this helps produce the dense dark green colour of the leaf. It also encourages the sweeter flavour. This variety is very high in anti-oxidants and the purity of the tea means that it tends to sort out by those with a serious illness (like cancer) –don’t recommended that this tea will help with cancer (you are not a doctor, so you don’t know if it will), instead you can suggest that other cancer patients have tried this tea in the past.

Gyokuro translates to mean jade dew
Whole Leaf Japanese Green Tea


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